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Jason James Dugo is a Soft Rock and Reggae artist. He has been singing since  he was 8 years old. He started out in a band in school; funny thing was that he was the only boy in the band. He deviated a bit in his teen years and became more interested in dancing. He danced for a while, but the fantasy of being a dance pro died an early death. He doesn’t know how it happened but music attracted him again, and this time, it led him to God. He was sure he wanted to do this for Him and for no one else or anything. He started recording when he was 17. At first, he was pretty clueless about his style and his message, but over time things became clearer to him. He is still discovering alot though. He is currently signed to Branded Starz Entertainment.

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Call  +234 (0) 701 424 6209 – Management
Email to brandedstars@gmail.com or bookings@jasonjameslive.com.
Facebook: Jason James
Twitter: @iamjason_james
Instagram: @iamjason_james
Soundcloud: @iamjayson_james





1. Jesus


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