Me and my Baba watching

Seasons of my life

Like the sons of Isaachar,

I know the times

From the abundance of my spirit

I dey testify

The words I spit are spirit and life


Know about us

We battle to win

What our heart fit believe is what our mouth dey speak

I’m not the rockafella man, and I’m big like this

I’m big like this


Bi eni ta n mun na

A mon a o pa wa

Bi eni t’oun ku lo,

A mon a wa l’aye

Bi eni t’ioni nkan

Bi eni t’ioni nkan kan

A mon a s’opo d’oloro

Eni ni Jesu lolohun gbo gbo


Abeemo (repeat)

S’ele ooomo

Don’t you know

S’ele o mon

S’ele o j’asi?

P’eni ni Jesu lolohun gbo gbo



Don’t tell me you don’t know?

Peni lowo sese bere?

Peni bimon sese bere?

Sele o ri gbo?

Don’t you know?

Sele o ja si?

Eni ni Jesu lohun gbo gbooo!!!


Emi na ka lo Experience

Ka looo Kirk Fra…

Iwo fe gbomo clubbing

Omo yen to dabi Beyonce

Se won ni k’obo s’amin lojo si

Oun se faari

B’oya lo mon pe, Eni ni Jesu lo lohun gbo gbo



No be today

No be today t’ekun ti n joba ninu igbo

Pass me the lighter

Holy Spirit put me on fire

S’ele o jasi

P’eni ni Jesu lohun gbo gbo


B’iba wa s’ola Jesu ni

S’Oluwa re o wa ji

Yi o l’ohun o mon ko rock

Yi o mon ko fuji

Ah! Jesu yi sha


J Lyricist:

Everybody wanna have fast cars and chicks

Groupy love plenty money and clicques (that’s right)

You know me it’s your boy J Lyricist

Choose Christ first, every other comes into this

With these rhymes the world would be feeling this

I’m a testimony in his word

I’m believing it

We here to take the world “wow”

With Christ I’ve got every you know

Let’s go


Everybody knows the truth

Could be something you’re running from [from]

Deep down inside you know you know (you know)

Take my word for it

I can die for it

Already lost a lot for it



Lean on Him so ti gbo

You don’t need another hero

Don’t you know



S’ele o mo

S’ele o j’asi

P’eni ni Jesu lolohun gbo gbo



P’eni lowo sese bere

Peni bimo sese bere

Don’t you know

Pass me the lighter

Holy Spirit put me on fire


S’ele o jasi

P’eni ni Jesu lohun gbo gbo


E – sa- mo!!!

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