The Lord na my ‘Odeishi’
E no dey dry for my side
Him make me crash for where better dey
He come carry me pass by coole water He dey update my soul status
Show me road to holyholy highway
Sake of say Him Name dey the matter
Even if I waka where them gas yawa
Oh! No shaking
Nothing dey happen
Walai nothing is broken here
Oghene tanda tanda gidigba for my side
Your 2 by 4 and kondo dey coole my mind
You arrange correct Akpu and Orha soup for table make I waak
Enemies go dey carry okpolo eyes dey ask maka why
You take empowerment oil tey bath my head
Small wonder my cup full throway elihow
Life and mesi go dey hama my paro Everyday them go dey hama my paro
And na for Paale bunk I go dey flenjo
Flenjo, flenjo…

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