Summer, winter Autum and spring
Mountains blue skies and the seas
Rainbow, sunshine and the trees
Jesus maker of them all

Everywhere I go
I see You right there
In the beauty of nature You shine all around
For You are everything
Everything is You
Precious Jesus
The Wonderful, Wonderful One
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (4x)

Morning, noontime and the night
Voices, melody
People, places, everything
Jesus maker of them all


You are amazing
Dear Lord

You are so amazing (2x)
Your love is amazing
Your grace is amazing
Your power is amazing
You made the Heavens and the Earth
By the Words of Your mouth

You are amazing (2x)
No body is like You
No body loves like
No body makes like You
You are so beautiful
You are so wonderful
You are amazing


Summer, winter, Autum and sprimg
Jesus the maker of them all

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