Mista Seth was born in a Christian home in Jos city Nigeria to a clergy Rev Maxwell Dayok , who taught his children the virtues of hard work and commitment which he examplify by offering to set up a music studio for his kids when he discover their love for music.

This singular act of faith became a motivation for Mista Seth to leave Jos City for Abuja to seek for knowledge to improve and develop his musical skills.He then started by working along side Jeremiah Gyang, Blast, etc at “Quest Media” Abuja. Soon he began producing hit tracks. After working as a producer for some years he decided to expand his reach and started recording as an Artist. He began as a Secular Artist and started attracting more fame and fortune to his delight then tragedy struck him.
It was an unknown illness or a “spiritual attack” that kept him out of action for some time. This incident made him return home to his parents,He asked for their forgiveness and promise to keep his faith and dedicated himself to God for service.Quickly he recovered and found his voice back in the entertainment industry. Today Mista Seth still produce’s hit tracks for several artists and himself.He works in his own studio called “Mista Seth’s Kitchen” aka “Da Murhu” meaning where he cook his beats.




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