Sounds can influence brain wave frequencies and promote wellbeing. Singing reduces stress and improves mood, I have realized over time that when I am not happy and I sing, I become better.

Group singing on the other hand is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking and certainly more fun than working out.

It is the one thing where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed. There are many benefits from singing they include: physical, emotional, socially and so on but our focus is on the health benefits.

The book of Psalms consist of a hundred and fifty prayers and hymns that are used as part of private and public worship to God our heavenly father who dwells on nothing but praise.

What does this say? Singing God’s praise is rich in beauty and wisdom and is uplifting spiritually. It is an important component of Christian worship.



God’s praise expresses a wide range of human emotions: trust, hope, joy etc. no doubt signing God’s praise improves mood and provides comfort, it reduces anger, depression and anxiety.

Signing improves breathing because it has some of the same health benefits as exercise like the release of endorphins which give the singer an overall ‘lifted’ feeling and is associated with stress reduction.

It is also an aerobic activity meaning it gets oxygen into the blood for better circulation.

With careful training, recent evidence suggests that it can help decrease the problem of snoring. It exercises the lungs and tones up the intercostals muscles and diaphragm.

Singing allows the facial muscles get toned. Singing improves posture and it also allows an individual become mentally alert!

Why don’t you start singing today and enjoy the benefits of signing God’s praise.


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