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Can we meet you please?

Kenny Kore is one of Nigeria’s leading and brightest prospects for Gospel music. Whilst “Kenny Kore” is the stage name, Olumide Kehinde Akinbode is a music minister, a versatile singer with the primary goal of pleasing God on and off the stage. The name Kenny K’ore simply means “Kenny, Congratulations”! In essence, anytime the name is called, people are congratulating and celebrating God’s goodness in Kore’s life in the past, present, and future.

Kenny K’ore’s affinity for African sound is unmistakable, although eclectic and versatile with different genre of music within his prowess, K’ore is undeniably, and unrepentantly gospel.

Almost all musicians have a connection to their childhood, church and choir… whats your own story?

Kenny K’ore grew up in a music loving home, hence by default got influenced by the several genres of his mother, father, and grand father. 

He like several artistes around started out writing and singing in church choirs and developed his stage charisma within the system. 

A former member of the multiple award winning gospel group Infinity, and with songs like Infinity’s “Olorioko” and “Aye Ole”, etc to his credit; The band he cut his teeth in professional music with, way back, when men were boys in secondary school about 18 years ago now.

Currently K’ore is exploring wider creative possibilities as the leader of the Kuorire band; bridging the extremities between art and spirit. 


You are known for your unique kind of music. Why have you chosen that part?

The Love for the art, for people, and for GOD influences his style of music.

What brought about some of your tracks’ titles e.g Yanibo, Yalako and Official Lady? and what messages were you trying to pass across?

Christians are social beings as well as people devoted to GOD. While gospel music is mostly devotional, there’s been  lack of gospel songs targeted at Christian social life and social issues. 

Trying to bridge that gap is why I write songs like Yanibo and official baby. 

What more should we be expecting from you in the year 2015?

In 2015, GOD Willing I’ll be releasing my third album under the Kenny K’ore name. 

I’m looking forward to shooting more videos, and engage in more collaborative efforts with my gospel colleagues.



Looking at the trend of music in Nigeria, where do you see gospel music in a few years from now?

Gospel music has never been better in terms of creativity, artistry, and quality; and we have a future that is ever so bright.

I hope that more gospel artistes would not just sing the song but also live the life.

How would you rate the Lyrics of Naija Gospel Songs? can you say they are really passing the message of Christ across?

There are artistes who are theologically sound and you’ll hear that in their music, sadly however, several artistes are at best charlatans, and they’re getting away with it because several Christians today also don’t know their bibles. 

All in all there’s everything for everybody. I guess that’s a good thing. 


What is your message to your fans out there?

Advice for my friends out there; Love GOD with all your soul, heart, and might; It would preserve you in all your ways, including marriage. 
Follow the path of your greatest passion, and remember that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. 
Chief amongst the challenges for those who really wants to serve the purposes of GOD in a system hell bent on secularism is money.  But it’s as if we have lack, yet we make others rich.

Stay in Christ and let Christ remain in you, you can never regret it.
Read your bible, meditate, pray, and obey GOD…Kuorire

How would you rate

My rating for your site is 3/10. It isn’t so generous because I believe that you guys haven’t even scratch the surface of where GOD is taking you to.

You’ll say I told you so.

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