There is a time for everything under the sun, a time to sow, a time to reap, but my favorite time of all is that time when a drunk, a smoker, a flirt, a prostitute, a thug, a corrupt policeman or politician or even a backsliding Christian suddenly realizes that there isn’t a good life without “surrendering to the WILL and the CALL of GOD in repentance and total submission, saying out loud “Lord I surrender, am not running anymore, You can do anything you wanna do with me”. That’s my favorite time anytime no matter how many times and how many people that I experience saying that simple but powerful lines of rededication or repentance to CHRIST.

E’Davids (@iamEdavids) officially releases this song first to everyone who needs to say I SURRENDER, then to the body of Christ, especially to all those who still need to take this firm decision. This is one song that we all need to share with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and even enemies (if there be any around us). This song has the most powerful lines that will lead even the most unrepentant person to fall on his/her knees in prayers of submission.

RELEASE DATE: 1st Aug, 2015.

Kindly hashtag #SurrenderByEdavids on twitter or facebook for comments, questions or prayer requests for someone you really would love to surrender to the saving power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and @iamEdavids and his team will get on it to pray for that person. You can also send emails with the details of the person (i.e. Name, Location and What to pray about) for the person you would love us to pray for to  or Facebook inbox

God bless you as you share, tweet, hashtag and send in prayers for someone you love to see saved totally.

SpirituallyYours, E’Davids.

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