Wonderful Wonder

Summer, winter Autum and spring Mountains blue skies and the seas Rainbow, sunshine and the trees Jesus maker of them all (2x) CHORUS: Everywhere I go I see You right there In the beauty of nature You shine all around For You are everything Everything is You Precious Jesus The Wonderful, Wonderful One oh, oh, […]

Miracle Worker

Miracle worker (2x) Come and do a Miracle A miracle today (2x) (2x) Destiny changer You are the Destiny changer Come and change my destiny, my destiny today(2x) CHORUS: Your Name is Yaweh(2x) Your are the Miracle working God Your Name is Yaweh (2x) Powerful Healer You are the Powerful Healer Come and Heal so […]

Calling Me

I hear a voice a distance And it keeps calling my name Although I don’t know who it is Sometimes I feel I should answer Although it’s sounding so far away It feels so close to my ears I hear Him loud and clear, calling me Like a whisper in my ear He keeps calling […]


VERSE 1 It all began, through the womb of hopelessness Not knowing what tomorrow has in store But through it all I hear a voice Whispering so loud, there’s more to life than this I’ve made a way just for you to walk in Walk upon my promise Constantly shout…. CHORUS Ooo odi onye dikagi […]

Ese (Thank You)

Ajihun Omode marun nsere Ni ile-iwe nio jare Baba ‘loya kaa lare Laba di infinity ooo yaaa Olori oko laa bade Aiyeole lo tele Gongo sooo Kutupu ruuu Chorus Eseeeee kaare baa mi Ese ooo Mode ya sopeee ‘Ku itoju mi Ema se ooo Ese ooo Verse 2 Ajihun! Ajiki…Ajiyin! Okunrin marun ‘jaiye Onto infinity […]

Iwo Loba

Chorus: Iwo loba awon oba, laye ati lorun   Verse1: Oluwa awon oluwa Olorun eledawa Koseni to da bire e o Laye ati lorun Mowole mojuba Alade wura Onise wonder Kinihun eya Judah   Verse 2 Olorun eledumare Iwo ni atobajaye Ogo ni fun oruko re o Titi lai Iwo loba Mowole mojuba Alade wura […]

Emi Mimo

Intro (Mike Abdul) May the spirit of the Lord come upon us May the people of the street understand it, and receive it, Holy Spirit Chorus Emi mimo, ba wa pe, Let your power flow, your presence fill this place Emi mimo, ba wa gbe now, Take control, we know we cannot do it alone […]


Chorus: Arabaribiti Aribirabata (Great and mighty God) Oba awon oba mo gbe yin ga (King of kings I lift you high) Araba ribiti Aribi rabata (Great and mighty God) Eyin loba ologo julo (You are the most glorious King) Verse One: Eyin le ga ju gbogbo aye lo o (You are higher than the whole world) […]


Intro: Jesus, You take first place yeah I may have myself a big name Or even drive a fancy car Become a superstar yeah I may even get a mansion I may even win some awards But with all these accolades Pre chorus No matter where I go no matter where I stand I will […]

What Can I Give

[INTRO] What can I give to You Money won’t even do When You made the world oooooh   [VERSE 1] I am Your son Lord And I have  come to give You the praise You are my Father Lord please accept all my praise   Lord You are worthy Let Your name be lifted up […]

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