It all began, through the womb of hopelessness
Not knowing what tomorrow has in store
But through it all I hear a voice
Whispering so loud, there’s more to life than this
I’ve made a way just for you to walk in
Walk upon my promise
Constantly shout….

Ooo odi onye dikagi
Chukwuku na gwuzo, Ekene diri ji
Ooo odi Onye dikagi
Onye na gwuzo, Ekene diri ji

Verse 2
Like a dawning light, at the start of the day
We are meant to shine brighter and brighter
But now and here, yesterday is gone
Tomorrow will be greater
As there’s more to life
You are meant to rise
Walk upon the clouds
Soar beyond the stars
And you and say….

Ooo Ekene dirigi
Chukwu na gwuzo nmama dirigi
Ooo ekene dirigi
Onye na gwuzo nmama dirigi

Lead…I will worship you forever giving you all I know.

So I can say …. nmama…
Mma ma, Mma ma
Mma ma, Mma ma

Díli jehova mo ….
nmama deli onye nwemo ….
o nmama

The lifter of my head
I will give all I have
Give you all I own
You’ve been my strength all the days of my life
You alone are God
None besides you
You are the Lifter of my life
Mma ma (Till end)

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